Accreditation – more than just a membership

Jims Removals is an accredited moving service by the Australian Furniture Removals Association. We are happy to be part of this organization and believe that this accreditation is important to our customers and to giving them piece of mind when dealing with us, particularly for our first time customers.

But before we say anything further about the AFRA, one thing that is even more important to us is having “accreditation” from our customers. While having trade association memberships signal our professional commitment to making removals and doing them according to high industry standards, no matter what any professional membership means, our most important credential comes from our history of satisfied customers. Through the years we have accumulated a long list of clients and testimonials, which you can see prominently displayed on this website. These are our most important credentials, and we hope that you will become familiar with our business through the testimony of past customers.

Back to the AFRA. As our business has grown and the team of removalists also grows, we see again and again the importance of having a well-trained and accredited removalists on staff. Our employees who have gone through the accreditation process have done so out of their own commitment to providing top level service. Certification training ensures that our staff are ready for a wide range of situations and potential problems, and that they work with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

As a company, Jim’s Removals sees this type of accreditation as a strong foundation. We take things a step further by ensuring that training continues no matter how many hears an employee has been with us. Our staff learn through structured training done internally, as well as from courses given by professional organizations such as the AFRA. Not only that, but our senior staff makes sure to provide on the job training and knowledge transfer as, in many cases especially with unique equipment and furnishings, sometimes experience is the best teacher. Our internal culture is to foster constructive interaction between employees to ensure that the removal solution we provide our customers is top-notch and the best in the industry.

Another reason that training is very important to us is because our business has changed through the years, and we are committed to evolving with the market. Not only is there a lot of competition out there, but our customers are calling up with equipment and machinery that is increasingly complex and sophisticated. Our knowledge of removals has to keep up with that, and of innovations in removals which make our work safer and more efficient.
We value our membership and accreditation with a professional body, as it not only helps us keep up to date on industry standards and training, but it also signifies to our customers that we take our job seriously. From start to finish, we remain dedicated to providing our customers with a top-level professional service, where safety is our number one priority, and is the foundation of ensuring that your removal project proceeds efficiently and with maximum convenience.